Closed - Exchange Minis

Organizer: Four Oceans Press


Theme: Health

Style: Open/Unjuried

Edition: 10 (9 returned)

Paper Size: 2x3 - 4x6 inches

Mediums: Any traditional hand printed process

Cost: $18

Due Date: October 15, 2011

Closed - La Calaca Press International Print Exchange

Organizer: La Calaca Press


Theme: “CALACAS” Day of the Dead

Style: Open

Edition: 15 (12 returned)

Paper Size: 7" x 9"

Mediums: All hand-pulled processes

Cost: $15 US ($20 International)

Due Date: 09/15/2011

Closed - X Print Exchange

Organizer: Chris Rollins & Paul McKercher


Theme: Illusion

Edition: 21 (20 returned)

Paper Size: 8"x10"

Mediums: Tradiitonal Printmaking

Cost: Free

Due Date: July 25th, 2012